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The Supporters Club hold regular fun- (fund-) raising events at the Rook Inn (in the Dripping Pan ground), for fans and guests alike. The bar is open, and generally food is available. For further information, including how to lend a hand,  contact David Arnold on [email protected].

Upcoming Events

TBA – More of the Same Next Season

Recent Events


Friday 8 April – Quiz Night with Nick G
Hats-off Hoof Arted. Bad-luck Banshees. Never-mind Norfolk.
Thanks to Nick, Arnolds, Pav.

Friday 11 March – Quiz Night with Nick G
The Quizlings gambled to victory, beating 13 other teams to the trophy.
Thanks to Nick, David & co, Sue, Alan.

Friday 4 March – Beer Festival
120 happy ale-suppers.
Thanks to Sue, Dave Evans, Adam Trevor for their help running the door.

Friday 19 February – Rookettes Race Night
Thanks to David for running the bar on the evening for the Supporters Club.

Friday 20 November – Quiz Night with Nick G
Well done to Liam, Adam, Sue, Cathy for showing both quiz knowledge and stamina.
Thanks to Nick G, the G Squad, David, Adam, Sue for their efforts running the show.

Friday 23 October – Quiz Night with Nick G
Congratulations to the Office+ team on their very narrow victory. Playing safe can work.
Thanks to Nick G, the G-crew, David, Sue, Cathy, & bar staff.

Friday 18 September – Carry on Quizzing with Sid James
Hats-off to Ken Dodd’s Dad’s Dog’s Dead – how tickled they were to take the prize.
Thanks to Music-meister Kev, Arnolds food deliveries, and various pop-up bar staff.

Friday 14 August – Quiz Night with Nick G
Congratulations to Simple Simon’s team for stunning guesswork to take the prize.
Thanks to Nick G, all the little G’s, David, Barbara, Sue, Cathy, Simon, Adam …